Our team has experience in a wide variety of sectors with an extensive portfolio of customers. We are very flexible in our methodology and so can tailor our approach to suit your needs best. Broadly speaking there are 3 main stages that we can get involved to help you in your project:


  1. Design stage
    • Getting us involved with your project while it is still in the design stage will help prevent you running into potentially costly issues later in your manufacturing stage by making changes to your product. The best cure for a problem is prevention.
  2. Pre manufacture
    • When the design for your product is complete we can design a production line for you. Regardless of what level of automation you are aiming for, we will be able to manufacture the custom tools you need to achieve the task.
  3. Production line optimisation
    • If you already have a production line in place we can help you identify bottlenecks and increase capacity in those areas by designing machinery with higher throughput.

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